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Rick Jones happynomad200 at yahoo.com.au
Wed Oct 19 22:13:33 AEDT 2011

Hi David.

I have 2 Laptops.
Both are Acer.

My MAIN Laptop is now ONLY Linux Mint as of tonight.... But I was having the same problem as on the other older Laptop.

Both came with Vista installed... THAT went by the wayside quite fast.... 

HOWEVER when I went to reinstall it .. Vista screwed up both HDDS... on old AND new Laptops... I had something like 250 Partitions on each.

I have now managed to get rid of all except the required Partitions.

The Newer Laptop is as I mentioned purely Linux Mint as of about an hour or so ago and has NO Hardware problems. But it also has the similar problems for installing Winders......THIS ONE also has a hardware problem with the Ethernet

The OLDER Laptop is also Linux Mint but has Partitions for Winders set up.... THIS ONE also has a hardware problem with the Ethernet... at least I suspect it is the Ethernet card as it seems to drop out after a short time... but this has NO effect on the actual Computer just the Internet.

BOTH Laptops. when I try to install ANY Version of Winders,THIS ONE also has a hardware problem with the Ethernet often gives me a BSOD, or sometimes just an error that said it could not mount hda0 ... ...
 With the newer Laptop I am happy to leave it just Linux but would prefer to have Winders installed for the rare occasions I might need it... also for my friend to use when she is here..... She is a total Newbie to computers in general.. let alone the Internet....

I used Gparted initially to create the Partitions, and again later to remove the 200 or so created by Vista....  From what I can find out... this multiple Partition problem is not very common... I could NOT find anything about it online anywhere....... and a Microsft Tech said to try the Linux Forums if I am using Ubuntu... Apparently there IS a pproblem with Ubunto and Vista together.... but my problem has now gone to ALL versions of Winders... I have the Original Vista Restore Disks for both Laptops, and also an Original XP Pro disk, plus a number of other winders disks and Floppies.... NONE want to work properly.

As mentioned I am grateful for ANY help given.


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Your description  of your problem is not very precise.  Does your laptop have a hardware problem? - if so, no operating system is going to run successfully - Linux, Windows, whatever.

If I have misunderstood, and your laptop is OK and there is no important data on it, then I would download, burn and run the Gparted Live CD.


Then create a new PARTITION TABLE - this will destroy ALL your current partitions.  Then create one big EXT4 partition.

After that use the Mint CD to install Mint.



On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 7:24 PM, Rick Jones <happynomad200 at yahoo.com.au> wrote:

I am just running Linux Mint but it does have the partitions for Winders...

I did install winders but when I go to  reboot I get error messages or even the BSOD...
Managed to get the errors for the BSOD......

SO FAR.. I have had 3 HDD fouled with Vista not reinstalling....  I am doing this on my OLD Acer Laptop which also has the same problems and Software... but this one also has a Hardware problem... so I don't use it much.

ANY help appreciated.... I am almost at the point of phoning Acer... something I do NOT want to do.


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