[Makerspace] Australian standards

Michael Wilson michaelwilson581 at hotmail.com
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Hopefully a couple for you.

On 5 August 2017 9:12:52 pm Steven Morley <s_morley at live.com.au> wrote:

There's lots of PV installers on whirlpool forums in the green tech lounge. Hit up a guy by the name of Hippysparks or AndrewATA. Also the "quality PV installations" facebook group. Also the Alternative technology Association forums. Finally try the "My energy efficient electric home" facebook group.

Some of those sources are installers, whom are unlikely to help if they think you are trying to do a DIY install.

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Hi Makers,
I am trying to track down some australian standards docs:

IEC 62305

All PV related.
Does any one have copies they might be able to share?
Thanks, Adrian.
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