Meeting Ideas Page

If there is something you want to know more about, or any other ideas for meetings will go on this page.

Talks in Planning

You don't have to do a talk by yourself, joint talks are fine, 30 mins talks to supplement larger talks are good as well, please say if your talk is a main talk or a minor talk. (minor talks about 30 mins main talks 2 hours approx)

Add talks you are prepared to give. Follow the format of:

  • Bootable USB Sticks (minor talk)
  • Udev introduction ( minor talk) - Trent Edwards

Talks Attached to Events


Group Ideas

Multiple Speaker talks.

  • Contributing to Open Source How to Contribute there are as many ways as there are people, this is why it's a good multi-speaker talk.
  • Favourite Open Source App Gets everyone involved not just the experienced presenters.
  • Using OSS and applications better/smarter please add to this a list of programs you want to be able to use to there full extent.
    • custom mail merges.


Topics of interest

Add here ideas and topics about which you would like to hear more.

Eg. Connecting Ubuntu to a Windows 2003 server.

  • Ruby Programming

On my list of things to learn, if someone was an expert I would love a talk on ruby Steve

  • Embedded Linux

Good places to start ? tools to program Gumsticks GP2X ( Linux outside of the desktop/server environment Gab

  • Using SAMBA as a Domain Controller

“SAMBA to do the job of a domain controller. I seem to remember you used to be able to use SAMBA as NT4 domain controller. Wondering if something better is possible nowadays”– Mark

“A simple read of the SAMBA HOWTO Collection will reveal that SAMBA-3 is still only an NT4 Domain Controller. SAMBA-4 is in alpha release and will do Active Directory (200x) Domain Control. The HOWTO is rather good. With practice, you can get a SAMBA based NT4 domain going with PDCs and BDCs, Windows Clients and Domain Member Servers just by following the HOWTO and the SAMBA-3 By Example text.” – Casso

  • Bluetooth Under Linux

“Wouldn't mind seeing some decent ways of using Bluetooth Under Linux/Ubuntu.” Nuggy

  1. Using a bluetooth device as a key, functionality but insecurity
    1. See blueproximity for bluetooth phone presense triggering screen lock/unlock – scottmerrilees
  • Speed improvements

Stuff on how to squeeze more performance (without sacrificing functionality) out of Linux - PAC

  • Firefox improvements

What plugs-in work for you, making the Linux version deal with all those sites that seem to only work under Windows (like ABC kids []) - PAC

  • Linux in a mixed environment

Tips/tricks/gotchas/work-a-rounds for mixed environments. -PAC

  • Linux Sound
    1. What bit does what
    2. Diagnosing problems etc.
    3. Next gen 'sound servers - esound, pulse, jack
    4. Using the above to 'route' sound - over network, multiplexing, etc
    5. Streaming audio around the house
  • Using a USB stick for security
    1. TrueCrypt
    2. Tor
    3. GnuPGP
  • Intro to version controll
    1. Git
    2. Svn
    3. Git-svn
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