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 15th of October 2013 meeting 7:30pm 

Edit: Meeting is going ahead, topic: Electric Cars

 20th of August 2013 7:30pm 

No Meeting

 19th of Feb 2013 7:30pm 

Topic: Open Energy Monitor


20th November 2012 @7:30pm

Mixed bag: R, FUSE, ChunkFS, and Android.

Topic: Raspberry Pi

17th July 2012 @7:30pm

Topic: 3d printing

19th June 2012 @7:30pm

Topic: Basic Git


16th August 2011 @7:30pm

Linux Equivalents to Windows Software.

If your computer is stolen, what possible programs will show you where it is and who has it.

19th July 2011 @7:30pm

Bring along your favourite app, wish for an app, or an app you've developed yourself. For desktop or phone.

19th July 2011 @7:30pm

Bring along your favourite app, wish for an app, or an app you've developed yourself. For desktop or phone.

21st June 2011 @7:30pm

Android hackfest. Bring along your laptop complete with SDK and we'll do some Android development.

17th May 2011 @7:30pm

What's new in the new Ubuntu, 11.04.

18th April 2011 @7:30pm

General question and answer night, so bring along your questions, problems, anecdotes etc.

15th March 2011 @7:30pm

Intro to arduino programming

Introduction to embedded system programming, using the arduino platform.

Kymberly Noronha B. Eng (Computer) - Embedded software engineer BAE Systems

15th February 2011 @7:30pm

ZFS: Sun's, now Oracle's, Zettabyte File System.

ZFS vs a generic view of existing file systems.

ZFS on disk structure, copy-on-write, checksums, snapshots etc.

ZFS demonstration on Ubuntu using the recently released kernel modules, and comparison to managing EXT4.

18th January 2011 @7:30pm

Kickoff meeting at new venue. Discussed venue, linux, android.


16th November 2010 7:30pm

Short introduction to Clojure (

19th October 2010 7:30pm

Video editing with Kdenlive and 2-D graphics with Synfig.

21th September 2010 7:30pm

Software Freedom Day planning.

17th August 2010 7:30pm

General question/answer, discussion night.

20th July 2010 7:30pm

Image Editing On Linux

Scott will be presenting on using open source image editing tools. Showing the basic tools available on most linux platforms.

21st June 2010 7:30pm

Software Freedom Day Planning

Tonight we'll be discussing our plans for Software Freedom Day activities

19th April 2010 7:30pm

“The Great Editor Shootout”

See Vi/Vim, Emacs, Nano, Jedit, Gedit and Kate, vie for Newcastle-wide supremecy.

How good can they be in 10 minutes? Come along and cheer your favourite on!

Suggested topics and talk proposals should be placed on the ideas page

15th March 2010

“Off-the-cuff scripting”. We looked at different scripting languages and how/when they might be used.

Lots of useful shell-scripting tips.

18th January 2010 7:30pm

David and Lyle will be doing a demo of Geoserver and Google Earth (and maybe some uDig)


21st September 2009 7:30pm

Cryptography with Mark, Michael and others. We will cover topics such as:

  • Encrypting/Signing Email
  • File-System Encryption
  • Hardware-Based Encryption
  • PGP and GPG Keys and Key Signing

Plus, if all goes to plan, we will be doing a mass key-signing for all LOGIN members with PGP keys. If you don't have a PGP key, bring your laptop and we can help you generate one on the night.

17th August 2009 with Jonathan.

20th July 2009

Remote Linux management with Jonathan, and community course update with Bruce

18th May 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 + Filesystem Frenzy

Come and discuss the improvements in Ubuntu 9.04 and bring along a couple of words to say about your favourite filesystem. If you would like to talk about a filesystem in particular please post to the mailing list for discussion.

  • Jonathan - introduction, FUSE and more
  • Michael - JFS and possibly XFS

20th April 2009

Topic: VOIP in Linux

16th March 2009

Topic: Security in Linux - an overview

Tonight we will give an overview of security issues in Linux plus have lots of time for security-related questions.

16th February 2009

Topic 1 : “OLPC, XO and Sugar. Why should we still care ?!?” – Gabriel Noronha

Topic 2 : Show and tell bring in your Netbooks we'll do a comparison – Everyone else.


17th November

Topic: Virtual Box by Jonothan Coombes

Virtual Box is a Virtualisation program to run Operating Systems inside your existing operating system.

20th October

Topic: “Show and tell”. Bring along your favourite app or some cool hardware and give a quick (5-10 minute) demo.

As always, we'll have time for questions and troubleshooting so if you're looking for some help with a problem, bring along your machine and we'll see what we can do.

29th September 2008

Topic: “Making Linux play nice with other operating systems”

This month at login we will be showing you how to dual, even triple boot Linux with other Operating Systems. We will also discuss how to make Linux work with PC's in your home network that might be running other operating systems and how to access files on other partitions.

Time: 7:30pm

Where: Wallsend Enterprise Centre, Wallsend

18th August 2008

Pia Waugh is coming Location Newcastle University EAG01

5:30pm - 6:30pm The first talk topic: Careers and improving the world with Open Source

break order pizzas, if we could all put in say $10, and some vouchers that would be great so we can get some pizzas for ourselves, Pia, and those who are staying for the next talk.

7:30pm - 9:30pm second LOGIN talk topic: “Open Source: The 40,000 foot view and taking software freedom to the masses”

NOTE LOCATION has been changed to the University of Newcastle EAG01

17th March 2008 7:30pm

Two talks on Wireless this month. Presented by Mark Wallis.

1. Going Wireless with Linux, and keeping your sanity


2. Running Linux on your Wireless Access Point (because why not)

18th February 2008 7:30pm

Peter Turner from Tribotix and the University of Newcastle. Will come show us some of his embedded Linux robots.

Also this will include Embedded Linux lighting talks, from anyone who wishes to attended


19th November 2007 7:30pm

Proposed Topic Need to confirm speakers.

  • Virtualisation/Emulation
    • Qemu - Steve
    • PearPc - Jonathon
    • Vmware - Craig R
    • KVM - Andrew B

15th October 2007 7.30pm

Topic: Submitting (useful) Bug Reports and getting Linux help

This will be followed by a open problem solving session

Please bring your Computers and anything else you may need if you have a problem.

10th September 2007 7:30pm

Topic : MythTV for Aussies Overview of how to setup a MythTV install to work with Australian DVB channels and the never-ending fight for decent channel guide data.

slides form the talk are available on this website

20th August 2007 7:30pm

Topic: Jonathon reports back on MySQL “ I was looking at giving and update on where MySQL is going after the conference this year and some of the developments.” -Jonathon

16th July 2007 7:30pm

Gaming on Linux

2D and 3d Games. open source Linux games. closed source Linux games. Windows games in a Linux world (Wine, Cedega). A small look at graphics drivers. and anything else which is not work related.

18th June 2007 7:30 pm

Making Music With Linux

Survey of some of the key apps that can be used for audio work, including applications for audio recording/editing, midi sequencing, samplers and synthesis.

21st May 2007 7:30 pm

Craig Ross gave a talk about Beryl and other 3D desktop applications.

16th April 2007 7:30pm

Craig Ross gave a talk on Clark Connect

19th March 2007 7:30pm

At this meeting each member in the group went through their favourite distribution of Linux.

To Register which distribution you wish to talk about please sign up the the mailing list.

19th February 2007 7:30pm

This was an informal Question and Answer and show and tell session.

Steve brought his Linksys NSLU2. More information about this session is available through the mailing list.


20th November 2006 7:30pm

Craig Ross presented a talk on Amarok Media Player

Monday 16th October 2006, 7:30pm.

A Python talk by Steve Lindsay

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