Software Freedom Day - Press Release

Software Freedom Day is a global celebration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), software that includes the very popular and secure Firefox web browser, and, a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Office. On the 20th of September hundreds of groups all over the world, including teams from Australia, Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, will be holding events promoting the benefits of what local FOSS advocate Steve Lindsay describes as “socially responsible software”.

“In a world where cost and restrictive licensing can often mean that the the benefits of technology are not available to all, it is exciting to be part of a community that is helping to reduce such barriers.” says Steve. “Software Freedom is not about cost, even though such applications are usually much less expensive than their proprietary equivalents, it is about encouraging openness & transparency, providing a level playing field for innovation, and fostering cooperation and collaboration in the development of new software”.

Newcastle's LOGIN, the Linux Owners Group In Newcastle, is holding two events promoting Software Freedom Day. On September 14 they are at the computer markets, Newcastle Basketball Stadium in Broadmeadow. They will be giving out CDs containing Free and Open Source applications for both Windows and Mac, as well as for the secure, reliable, and completely free Linux operating system. Members will answer your questions and demonstrate the fantastic applications available.

On September 20, LOGIN will be holding a demonstration event at the Charlestown Community Space (located in the mall outside Charlestown Square). On the day they will be doing installations of Linux and free software applications, giving talks on the benefits of Software Freedom, and demonstrating the use of many applications. Members of the public are welcome to attend, as well as bring in their machines for help with installation.

For more information:

Software Freedom Day : LOGIN : OpenDisc :

Contact: Steve Lindsay 0424 739 360

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