Software Freedom Day

September 19th, 2009

The Plan So Far

  • Jim is organising an event at Toronto on the 25th October
  • We have a booth for the computer markets at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre on the 20th (free)
  • We have a booth for the computer markets at the Broadmeadow Basketball Stadium on the 13th ($70)
  • We are registered with SFD -


Computer markets are on 13th September (Basketball Stadium) and 20th September (Entertainment Centre)

  • ALL DONE !!


  • Organise poster ( - 50 colour printed)
  • Print out flyers/handouts (150 colour, 50 B&W printed)
  • Booked stall for the markets on the 20th and 13th
  • Register with SFD
  • Track down banner (Mark to pick up from Steve)
  • Organise timetable of who can attend (in progress)
  • Organise list of available hardware to demo (in progress)
  • Procure and Burn DVD's with plastic sleeves (DVD's purchased, searching for plastic sleeves)
  • Print DVD inserts (newcastlelug and HCC course information - waiting for HCC approval)
  • Confirm market attendance

IRC Meeting Logs

Reusables from last year

Time sheet for both days

Please put down when you can attend to help out with SFD. We need at least 2-3 people over the 8am-3pm range.

Who Toronto 25th Oct Markets 13th Sept Markets 20th Sept
Mark No Yes 8am-12pm Yes 8am-12pm
Kym Yes Yes from 12pm
Gabriel Maybe
Nuggy Yes 12pm-2.30pm Yes
Zac Yes Yes Yes
Jesse No Yes 10am-3pm Yes
Bruce Yes Yes Maybe
Tony No No Yes, all day

Hardware for our events

If you can bring some demo hardware with you to our SFD days, please list it below. Please be aware that hardware is brought to the events at your own risk. All events are open to the public and you need to be mindful of your gear at all times. Your gear is your responsibility. If your bringing computer hardware, please bring your own power board, power cables and NETWORK CABLE.

Who What Toronto 25th Oct Markets 13th Sept Markets 20th Sept
Mark Macbook Pro running MacOSX, Windows and Gentoo NoYesYes
Mark Switch with lots of ports NoYesYes
Zac PC running Windows 7, Mac OS X, and various linux VM's YesYesyes
Zac Lots of USB and firewire ports YesYesYes
Jesse Laptop (Ubuntu) & EeePC (Ubuntu Netbook Remix) NoYes 10am-3pmYes
Nuggy Laptop (Ubuntu) & Dell Mini (Ubuntu Netbook Remix) NoYesYes


If you want to sponsor and help out with the SFD costs, please speak up

What Who Estimate Paid Sponsor
Computer Market Mark $70 Yes nSavant
CD's and inserts Mark $100 No
Poster Printing Mark $25 No

Marketing Opportunities

  • Newcastle Herald Website has several tools:
    • Event listing page - there's a link to add your own events. May be useful for the login meetings as well as SFD. I don't know if these listings get poured into the “what's on” section of the Herald (is that on Wednesday's? I saw it once, it was in a liftout part of the paper, and listed all kinds of naf events.)
    • Local Club listings - we would get our own “webspace” to list LOGIN. Not really SFD related, but couldn't hurt. The only listing under “hobbies” currently is the Edelweiss Dance Group.
    • Send us news - just need to make it sound like news.
  • Software Freedom Is... posters. A set of posters that we'll be able to resuse. Mainly they are to attract attention, like what we might need around Charkestown mall. Could also be the basis of advertising an “event”.
  • Out & About section in the POST newspaper - email at least 2 weeks before the event
  • “The Diary” section in Monday's Newcastle Herald. To get a listing in that, we need to send an email to Please put the date of the event in the subject.
The A4 handout explaining what SF is about

The source, Scribus files: handout.tar.gz and as a PDF: sfdhandout.pdf . This will need the logos changed (as it says 2007)

Previous Venue Shortlist

  • Wallsend Library Multi-function room - seats 100. Available only on Saturdays 9am - 2pm and weekdays 9am - 8pm. $55 per hour.
  • Charlestown Library Meeting room - seats 90. Available all day Sat/Sun. $18.40/hr or $46/3hr session.
  • Salvo's halls or the Dungeon in Adamstown (Kym+Gabz chasing up)
  • Charlestown Square Community Space (in the mall outside Myer carpark )
    • Cost: $10 per hour for Non-profit orgs
    • Restrictions: No alcohol, no loud music, must have public liability insurance, hours between 7am and 10pm
    • Availability: All Saturdays in September available.
    • Contact: Ashleigh at Centre Management 49444333 (menu option 3)
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