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Currently there is a makerspace in Newcastle which is a room at the university in the Electrical Engineering building. that room comes under the universities OH&S requirements. so as a requirement of the University you need to do some test to have access to the room basic stuff like where fire alarms are and there is also a basic test of skills that you won't kill yourself. and finally there is a electric rfid lock on the door and to have a keycard you need to be staff or student.

so that's why there is a makerspace but is closed to people outside the university.

but we don't want that stay that way forever so we have this mailing list and website to attract interest for a external makerspace. a critical number is required to see any sort of outside thing to happen, there is tons more work to do and people need to be dedicated.

but having a mailing list so people can organise to meet up in a garage or too is a lot easier.


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I recently stumbled onto the page about the Newcastle Makerspace – I’d like to check it out sometime, although there’s some ambiguity about non-student/staff access.

Anyone able to clear that up for me?

Kind regards,
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