[Makerspace] Hackerspace Adelaide wants your stories.

Ryan Leach ryan.the.leach at gmail.com
Thu May 24 01:41:55 AEST 2012

Okay, so hackerspace-adelaide has finally submitted the paper work to
become incorporated(after having regular meetings to socalize build etc),
and is now looking at membership structure/fee's so we can get some stable
income so we can start looking at a place to rent/lease as well as getting
tools together.

So I figured I'd email around the oz-spaces (current and future(closest
point of contact)) to see if anyone would be nice enough as to share the
story of how your space got started up.

Was there any tricky parts?

How did you initially get funded?

Any lucky breaks?

What should we attempt to do/avoid?

Looking forward to some cool/funny/and serious stories!

Ryan Leach
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