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Dave dave at hunterlink.net.au
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I'm interested in two of these (the 'assembled' version), BUT I'm only 
in Newcastle for another couple of days before heading back to Thursday 
Island (Torres Strait, Far North Queensland). Can you post them up there?

I can give you my postal address and make a $50.00 deposit (should cover 
the extra postage) if we can get together.

Dave Walmsley,

By way of introduction to the group, I was formerly (35years) in 
Newcastle, a member of the NMCC (Newcastle MicroComputer Club), which 
met in the Physics Building at the Uni, worked in the Computer Centre 
(it later had a few name changes) at the Newcastle Uni, I'm a Radio 
Amateur, (was VK2XPX now VK4XPX), now living/working on Thursday Island 
as an Electrician.

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> Howdy
> Following on from the prize winning SwarmRobots (beat MIT and beaten by
> Harvard) is X-bot <http://www.dreamore.cn/Project/Show/512>. The
> X-bot's<http://www.dreamore.cn/Project/Show/512>are currently on a
> Kickstarter like Chinese site Dreamore - were you can
> see a video of the robots in action. X-bot will also going be on
> Kickstarter in February.
> I am organising a group buy for Australia of the SMD kits (126RMB - about
> $A20) and if there is any interest in the mostly assembled version (146RMB
> - about $A23). I will get a discount on the group buy, but that will be
> used to subsidise postage in Australia. I hope for hand delivery about 25th
> of January when some XinCheJian hackerspace members come the the Linux
> conference in Canberra. Once I have an idea of the numbers, I will get
> postage estimates and final pricing.
> One technical aspect that I think is worth highlighting is the use of cheap
> IR transmit and receive LEDs for object avoidance and communications,
> without the need for expensive optics. The X-bots are worth purchasing
> purely to get familiar with how this is acheived for use in other projects!
> Please note that these are "Swarm" robots - so you really need more than
> one - as can be seen in the demo video - the code needs two robots in
> different roles. There is also a "follow the leader" mode. Code and
> schematics etc are
> here<https://github.com/xinchejian/SwarmRobots/tree/master/ATMEGA168>.
> Given the expected Canberra delivery date of 25th January, I need responses
> quickly, say by COB on the 11th. If you are not sure if you can commit to
> purchase, or need to connect with others who are interested, please drop me
> a line.
> If you prefer through hole components, then I have 40 PCB pairs, motors and
> IR receiver LEDs for making the award winning SwarmRobots, but you  need to
> scrounge or spend a few dollars to source the remaining items (Atmega328,
> resistors, caps, LEDs, headers, ....).
> Please forward this email to friends, members and interested groups.
> Spencer Featherstone
> XinCheJian Shanghai hackerspace member,  should be Canberra MHV member (I
> have only just got back to Aus) and SwarmRobot team member.
> www.UsableDevices.com
> http://wiki.xinchejian.com/wiki/Category:Swarm_Robots
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