[Makerspace] Makerspace re-organisation reportback

ned haughton naught101 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 14:05:47 AEST 2018

Hey all,
Bit of a report-back from the space clean up:.
- We managed to sort a tonne of stuff in to boxes. Getting a bit of mise 
en place <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mise_en_place> happening. This 
is on-going work.
- We also put a bunch of stuff into an e-waste pile near the front door 
(if anyone wants any old monitors, go for it), and dumped a bit of rubbish.
- We re-arranged the whole space, now it looks approximately like this:

The idea behind the demo space being that the demostrator can sit at the 
back of the room (east/right end) facing everyone, with the thing 
they're demoing on the table. One or more of the displays behind/to the 
side can be used to show relevant info. It should now be easy to fit at 
least 10 people in the space for demos, maybe up to 15. And it should 
also be possible to have a smaller demo happening at the back while 
someone is using the work spaces or the computer.
The displays can also be used for e.g. software diagnositic tools.

We ran out of time after about 4 hours, so there is still a fair bit of 
work that needs to be done. In particular:
- Mount the wall-arm monitor (the arm is in the space now).
- Get a *table, or a set of shelves* for the coffee area. Something 
about 900x800x450 HxWxD would be ideal, I think. Anyone have? Drawers 
also good.
- Clean up the electrical workspace.
- Get a better *bench for the mechanical workspace* (another one like 
the one that is there would be good).
- Figure out a proper extraction system for the 3d printer and possible 
future laser cutter (I will talk to Greg about this next weekend).
- Organise an e-waste drop-off.
- Computer upgrades.
- general cleaning.

I think I will try to get back in to the space and have another go at 
some of that in a few weeks. In the mean time, anyone else should feel 
free to jump in do any of the above, or organise other events.


On 05/04/18 21:41, Greg Hall wrote:
> Great, wish I could be there - next week though ...
> I'm keen to extend the scope, so Ned was there any response from 
> Gus(?) abut the Shapeoko? I'd build a trolley and dust collector for it.
> The Biodigester that we're building is also the kind of Maker-thing 
> I'd like to see work extend into.
> (Then there's the digested 'nutrient solution' that comes out, it will 
> be very suitable for hydro/aqua/pee-ponics. And of course the gas 
> output will need sensors ... )
> -
> GitLab looks awesome. Not to organise myself well enough to use it ...
> -
> I'll go shopping for a 'garden window' for the back wall next I'm in Newy.
> Greg
> -
> On 5/4/18 6:45 pm, Felix Sheldon wrote:
>> Yup, sounds good!
>> On 5 April 2018 at 17:05, ned haughton <naught101 at gmail.com 
>> <mailto:naught101 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     Righto, how about 10am this Sunday, for 2-3 hours? I want to hunt
>>     out a few components for some synth stuff.
>>     Felix, since you're the only one who's replied so far, does that
>>     time work for you? If so, I'll make a meet up event. And bring milk.
>>     Cheers
>>     ned
>>     On 29/03/18 20:39, Felix Sheldon wrote:
>>>     Heya Ned,
>>>     Good stuff, I'm up for a cleanup pretty much any time.
>>>     Maybe GitLab would work well for that sort of thing?
>>>     On 29 March 2018 at 00:29, ned haughton <naught101 at gmail.com
>>>     <mailto:naught101 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>>         Hey all,
>>>         I just dumped a bit of stuff in the space that is probably
>>>         better off being used by many than just me. Mostly parts
>>>         (whole lot basic components, a few steppers, some other
>>>         bits) and a drill and speaker that need to be tested and
>>>         possibly fixed of wharfed. I might also move a few more of
>>>         my tools over there, if there aren't equivalents already there.
>>>         I think there's a fair bit of stuff like that in the space
>>>         at the moment, and I was wondering if anyone else felt like
>>>         having a bit of a clean-up some time in the near future?
>>>         Maybe one evening, or for a couple of hours during the day
>>>         on a weekend or something. It would probably be good to have
>>>         at least 2-3 people, but probably not more than 4-5. If lots
>>>         of people are keen, we could do two (and it would probably
>>>         be good for us to do something like that at least every few
>>>         months, depending on how much the space is being used).
>>>         It would be good to get more large clear plastic containers
>>>         for sorting and storing parts in, if anyone has any (and
>>>         unless anyone has any better storage options).
>>>         Also, I was wondering about some kind of project management
>>>         tools, to keep track of all of the projects that have been
>>>         dreamed up, started, or are near completion. Perhaps we
>>>         could just use github projects, since we already have the
>>>         team. Otherwise I'd be happy to host an instance of Taiga.io
>>>         or Wekan or something. Anyone have any good ideas on what
>>>         might work well for the makerspace?
>>>         I'm hoping to get back into being involved in the makerspace
>>>         a bit more later in the year, when I'm done with my PhD. I'm
>>>         especially planning on doing a bit of synth building.
>>>         Looking forward to putting those tools to use :)
>>>         Cheers
>>>         ned
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