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ned haughton naught101 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 16:04:34 AEST 2018

For the monitor, I have left one of these in the space: 
(not the exact model, but mine I think supports up to 15Kg?)

For the coffee section, I think it would probably be good to have some 
compact and dense storage, so a set of selves or drawers (or a 
combination) would be best.

For the hood: Yeah, I was thinking an exhaust vent out in to the shed 
next door, and from there out through the external wall.

Rear window: let's chat about that when you get here. There is some 
space between the monitors. Probably want something frosted, maybe one 
or two small sets of louvres.


On 09/04/18 14:32, Greg Hall wrote:
> Good work!
> I'll be there on the weekend, and can bring a few brackets to screw on 
> the wall, if no suitable free-standing coffee/tea bench can be found,
> Might a domestic stove hood be suitable to exhaust the fumes from the 
> printer, etc? We'd have to worry a hole through the wall, but that's OK.
> Later, a CNC router on a trolley will probably be used in the yard. 
> The space isn't large enough for any but a tiny pcb mill anyway.
> Looks like the rear window will need to be one of those wide, not very 
> high ones, to avoid the displays. That's probably better.
> Greg
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