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Welcome to LOGIN, the Linux Owners Group in Newcastle. We are a LUG (Linux Users Group) for people in the Newcastle and Hunter region of NSW Australia. We are affiliated with Linux Australia with subcommittee status

Do you want to help promote our Linux club then please feel free to pass on the flyer or better still print a couple & place them on a noticeboard in your local area.login_flyer.pdf

Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each Month, at 7:30 PM.

The new meeting venue is - Casablanca, 21 Gordon Avenue, Hamilton East.

From Hamilton Station walk (about 16 minutes) to Tudor St near Gordon Av, Hamilton East.

From Hunter St near Civic Theatre, Newcastle (Stop 230036) Regional city buses 226 Newcastle to Glendale service to Tudor St near Gordon Av, Hamilton East (Stop 230315)

Use side gate on left and walk to rear of premises,light sensor will turn on lights.

Meetings and Events

Next Meeting

Tuesday 16th September 2014 7:30pm

Looking for any volunteers for a demonstration or a talk on any Linux subject.

If you would like to contribute please use our mailing list or email

If no talk is scheduled we will resume to Q & A and general talk on Linux items.

Last Meetings in 2014

Tuesday 19th August 2014 7:30pm

Looking for any volunteers for a demonstration or a talk on any Linux subject.

If you would like to contribute please use our mailing list or email

If no talk is scheduled we will resume to Q & A and general talk on Linux items.

Tuesday 15th July 2014 at 7:30 pm

Demo of the Makerspace 3D printer and open source modelling software (OpenSCAD, Blender, Cura).

Tuesday 17th June 2014 at 7:30 pm

Thankyou Alex and Felix for the talk & demonstrations - Ben.

1) discussion and viewing of Alex’s Chrome OS notebook using Crouton.

2) Demonstration by Felix on using Python (and IPython Notebook) to capture and visualise live “sensor readings” from an Arduino Leo, using Redis to store data, ZeroMQ to send it and Pyglet for graphics.

3) “Seeing Spaces” talk:

Tuesday 20th May 2014 at 7:30 pm.

Discussions on cloning hard drive using DD & Clonezilla. Discussion on Nexicore , sickbeard and github. Sick Beard is a PVR for newsgroup users (with limited torrent support). It watches for new episodes of your favorite shows and when they are posted it downloads them, sorts and renames them, and optionally generates metadata for them. It currently supports, NZBMatrix, NZBs'R'Us, Newzbin, Womble's Index,, TVTorrents and EZRSS and retrieves show information from and

Suggested topics and talk proposals should be placed on the ideas page

Previous Meetings

Previous Events


For more information please contact or our Mailing List below.

Mailing List

Our mailing list is our most popular means of communication. You can come here for:

  • Meeting Chatter - The mailing list is home to the organisation that goes on behind the meetings. If you have an idea for a Talk/Demo let us know.
  • Linux Help and Support - Most questions posted to the mailing list are answered by other LOGIN members quickly and often accurately.
  • General Open Source Notices - If you find something that you think others may be interested in then post a link, keep us all informed.

To sign up to the Mailing List please visit

By default all new mailing list sign ups to the list are moderated, this is to avoid spam.

If you have any problems with the mailing list please email . Don't forget to add to the white-list in your anti-spam program.

While it is not enforced on this list, it would be considered good Netiquette not to top post


Our members meet regularly on IRC.

Visit #LOGIN on Freenode, or follow the link irc://

Meeting Location


If you have written some how-tos which are particular helpful to people in the Newcastle/Hunter area please add them here.

University Wireless


Have a Blog or what to see what our LOGIN members are up to. head over to Planet LOGIN

Planning Area

Other resources

Other Groups

The Sydney Linux Users Group has multiple very active mailing lists and is a great resource for immediate help with Linux problems.

Westlakes Linux Learners meet on the 4th Monday night of each month near Morisset. The group caters especially for Linux beginners and home users.

You may also find the BSD Users Group, Sydney useful.

For a full list of other NSW Linux User Groups please visit Linux Australia's website.

Attempts are currently underway to start a SAGE-AU chapter in Newcastle. Contact Neil Glennon to express your interest.


Want to get together with fellow Open Source enthusiasts and IT workers? Australia has three high quality conferences that might suit you:

  • Linux.Conf.AU - One of the world's leading Linux conferences attracting people from everywhere. Runs each year usually in January - March. Many of the 2007 talks were recorded and are available.
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