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   *  [[http://​www.node.asn.au/​| Node wiki]] page   *  [[http://​www.node.asn.au/​| Node wiki]] page
   **   ​[[http://​cg.node.asn.au/​nodetest|Crab Grass]] wiki/CMS   **   ​[[http://​cg.node.asn.au/​nodetest|Crab Grass]] wiki/CMS
 +Join the discussion
 +  *  Mailing list: [[http://​node.asn.au/​mailman/​listinfo/​members_node.asn.au]]
 +  **   mail to: [[mailto:​members@node.asn.au|members@node.asn.au]]
 +====== Newcastle Open Developer Enterprise (NODE) meets ======
 +**Next meeting:​** ​
 +  * See [[http://​www.node.asn.au/​| Node wiki]] for details
 +**Past meeting summaries ...** 
 +  * [[NODE 26-Mar-2009]]
 +  * [[NODE 12-Mar-2009]]
 +===== Reason =====
 +Foster a visible level of Open Source development and use of open source in the Newcastle and Hunter region. ​ Part of that aim includes hosting a future **[[OSD]]** (Open Source Developers'​ Conference) in say 2010 ... I have been asking around to see if anyone is interested in preparing a bid to host the conference in Newcastle. ​ More on that below.
 +====== Make it Newcastle! ======
 +If you are interested in making this happen, if you're interested raising the profile of OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT in the Newcastle and Hunter region visit the project web site [[http://​www.node.asn.au]] and contribute to the group.
 +  *  Old [[http://​node.collectivex.com |Newcastle Open Development Enterprises]]
 +  **   ​http://​node.collectivex.com
 +The idea is to aim is to develop expertise in organising Open Source Development events and promote interest in this Open Development in the area.
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