NODE 26-Mar-2009

in preparation for the next meeting Thursday 26-Mar-2002 IRC

~~ open source developers conference ~~

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  1. 1. Review “mission”, “vision” and *roadmap*
  2. 2. Open Actions
    • 1. NODE Mission … Will (see this page)
    • 2. Roadmap … Mark
    • 3. Contact OSD Club … Will
    • 4. 2009 OSDC Attendance … Organise NODE ‘delegation’ (is this you)
    • 5. Developer skills workshop … Bruce
    • 6. Outreach … Mark / Uni, grad students, and schools
  3. 3. Charity support from conference / activity.
  4. 4. Activity ideas
    • = Jelly days, code camps, Saturday of code, etc.
  5. 5. Some idea of “sub projects”
    • a) some are activities
    • b) some guided development

Summary of last meeting ::


  • * Mark
  • * Will
  • * Bruce

(1) Mission / Vision

(2) Actions

(2.1) To Do List

(2.2) Closed Items

(3) whatever


(use to display shared info during meetings) Three possible classes for Hunter Community College

Class 1 -- Introduction to Linux

4 weeks 2 hours per night

Week 1. a. Overview of the desktop, basic file structure, basic GPL philosophy (Free and Open Source) and a little history (30min) Have examples of Linux running around the room from flash drive, Live CD, Wubi installion as well as full install

b. Pros and Cons of Linux (15min)

c. Demonstrate some tasks and programs OOo, Web Browsing, Emails, Games, Pidgin and other main programs - can ask class members for things they would want to do. Give a list of names of equivalents (45min)

d. Give out the plan for the remaining nights and ask class members what they want out of the remaining 3 weeks (20 min)

e. Give each member a Live CD or distro suitable to their (soon-to-be) Linux machine (10min)

Week 2. Install night - help members install on their machine or bring problems along

Week 3. Problem solving:

Demonstrate programs and processes asked for in 1 d

Week 4. More of Week 3

Set up a Learners group in either a home or appropriate place.


Which distribution and desktop?

Depends on who can help: I've had 3 people, from memory, who would come along

Class 2 -- Open Disc

in Win, OS-X and Lin just intro to FOSS and the disc and demonstrate requested programs Start a FOSS group with a different program each month?

Class 3 -- Introduction to Programming Python

4 weeks, 2 hrs a night

Week 1:

  • Course outline
  • Obtaining and Installing Python
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Apple MacOSX
    • Linux
  • Introduction to the Python interactive interpreter
    • Hello, World!
    • Comments
    • Variables & data types (Integers, Floats, Strings, Boolean)
    • Working with strings
    • Advanced data types (arrays, lists, tuples, dictionaries)
    • Introduction to flow control (if, else, elsif)
    • Introduction to loops (while, for)
  • Writing scripts

Week 2:

  • Working with files
    • Reading & Writing text files
    • Parsing file contents
    • Introduction to XML Files (?)
  • Using common Python built-in modules

Week 3:

  • Introduction to functions
  • Introduction to Object Orientated Programming
  • Documenting your code
  • Creating Python modules

Week 4:

  • Introduction to Program Design and Planning
  • Putting it all together (project)
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