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Use this page to coordinate book reviews for the O'Reilly Book Club offer enjoyed by the LOGIN club. The book reviewing is at an early stage, please add and amend the process as you go.

O'Reilly point us to their Book Reviews page for tips and what they want from us.

To begin we need two things – Reviews and Books. The you can suggest books you'd like to review or to read a review of in the “Wish List” area.

Please add your review to the: “Titles Reviewed” section, and make a new wiki page for each title. For the time being, we can put each new title reviewed at the top of the list. That way the most recent information will be at the top.

The idea of the : “Review Template” section is to give people a start on writing reviews. If you want to past the empty outline into the review page, it should get you going.

Titles Reviewed

Development and Languages


  • Learn to Program, Second edition.
    by Chris Pine [http://press.oreilly.com/pub/pr/2281]
    Not only does the second edition now include answers to all of the exercises, it includes them twice. First, you'll find the “how you could do it” answers, using the techniques you've learned up to that point in the book. Next, you'll see “how Chris Pine would do it” – answers using more advanced Ruby techniques, to whet your appetite as well as providing sort of a “Rosetta Stone” for more elegant solutions.
    $24.95 USD [Publish Date: April 13, 2009]

Wish List

O'Reilly Book catalogue lists all their books:

Development and Languages


* eRlang Programming: A Concurrent Approach to Software Development, 1st edition.
by Francesco Cesarini, Simon Thompson
This book offers you an in-depth explanation of Erlang, a programming language ideal for any situation where concurrency, fault-tolerance, and fast response is essential. You'll learn how to write complex concurrent programs in this language, regardless…
$49.99 USD [Publish Date: June 2009]

* Programming Erlang: Software for a Concurrent World , First Edition
By Joe Armstrong
Moore's Law is the observation that the amount you can do on a single chip doubles every two years. But Moore's Law is taking a detour. Rather than producing faster and faster processors, companies such as Intel and AMD are producing multi-core device…
$36.95 USD [Publish Date: July 2007]

Review Template

The start for this template is the O'Reilly Book Reviews page.

O'Reilly suggest inventing a rating system. The simplest system is the 5-star guide we can use 0 to 5 asterisks(*) to show approval, etc. If people like to give thumbs down or up, we can do that too (-5..0..+5 ??).

Template and review improvements are welcome.

Tell O'Reilly …

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Everything below this line is for blank headings or replaceable tips.

[Book Title]

  • author(s), edition, publisher, and price.
  • link to O'Reilly catalogue entry, see: http://www.oreilly.com/catalog
  • paste in information from the catalogue page
    • any link(s) to the sample chapter or author articles.

by [Reviewer = your name]

  • Overall impression /summary
    • Rating
  • Audience or experience level suitable for
  • Outline of book and content
  • Evaluation / Opinion
    • What you didn't like and why
      • Any errors and corrections
    • What you like and why
    • What is interesting.
  • Other comments
  • Summary of review & conclusion/recommendation

[the date reviewed]

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