Newcastle Open Developer Enterprise (Node)

An outcome of discussing bringing the OSDC was that there seems to be little overt interest in Open Source Development in the area. To that end the NODE group is starting-up to foster Open Source (based) development, projects and businesses.

Visit Node page.

When is it?

Late Nov/Early Dec 2009

The OSDC are looking for people to host the 2009 OSDC … I have been asking around to see if anyone is interested in preparing a bid to host the conference in Newcastle. More on that below.

Make it Newcastle!

If you are interested in making this happen, if you're interested raising the profile of OPEN SOURCE DEVELOPMENT in the Newcastle and Hunter region visit the project group on Join the discussion

The idea is to aim is to develop expertise in organising Open Source Development events and promote interest in this Open Development in the area.

Where is it?

There is time for us to assemble a 2009 bid in Newcastle (or surrounds) … Last year's venue was in Sydney:

Call for Hosting Bids

  • The Open Source Developers' Club exec are seeking applications from interested parties to host the 2009 Open Source Developers' Conference. Location is not an issue, so long as you are in the oceanic region. If you are interested, or know someone that is, please complete the application form at

… Before 1st March 2009. The submission email address is included at the top of the form.

Why not make it Newcastle?

Drop me an email william.r.mason@gmail.com or visit the project page:


Think of this like the World Cup … Keep putting a bid together until we get it perfect and they come.

I know the SMC venue, we have much better facilities around town. The key thing in my opinion is transport and things to do post conference.

There's support from the council and interest from local business OpenSource advocates.

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