So the idea behind this is a set of posters with a standard header, a photo in the centre and a footer that says what software freedom is.

The result might look something like this

Software Freedom…
appropriate photo goes here
…is for everyone

The idea is based on a series of KDE images that was done by Wade Olson ( blog is . This is the series )

The stock photo site mentioned in the blog is . TonyB has signed up for an account, the photos are generally free to use ( terms of use are here )

We could use these generically each year ( maybe just needing a change of header to match the SFD's artwork for that year)

We could also use these for “event” advertising by adding the event info somewhere to it.

Idea list for posters

  • …is for everyone
  • …is about having choices
  • …is building communities
  • insert what software freedom is to YOU here!

Here's a sample I started on for_everyone.pdf

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